Awesome Firefox plugin iMacros

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

There are a few things I like to do every single night.  I log into my blog and make a new post, I search for x-men stuff, I search the electronics section of for HD tvs, I check out the materials section of craigslist.  So I used to go to the and then click or search for the stuff.

I downloaded iMacros and set up Macros for my login and for each search.  It was easy as pie.

My guess is that I save about 5 minutes a night, 35 minutes a week, over 2 hours a month, over 100 hours a year…  Thanks iMacros.

Why I think Firefox is catching on… Firebug

Saturday, July 12th, 2008

Most of the non technical people I know equate Internet Explorer with the world wide web.  To rephrase, most of the people I know think Internet Explorer is a synonym for the world wide web.  They even say things like “I need to find that information on my Internet Explorer”.  Or they might say “I click the on my blue E internet button “.

Most people just don’t understand that IE is just a browser and that there are several alternatives to using IE to surf the web.

My experience has been that it is easy to get people to switch to Firefox, but in the past they eventually go back to IE.

That is changing and I think I know why.  In the past most people I have switched to Firefox surf around for a while and then they eventually hit a web page that won’t work with Firefox.  Of course they try the page in IE and it works.  Then they think the Firefox isn’t as good as IE and they quit using Firefox.

About a year ago I noticed that the number of pages that didn’t work in Firefox went way down and a few pages worked in Firefox, but didn’t work in IE.  I couldn’t understand why anyone would publish a page that works in FF, but not IE.

About nine months ago I found out why.  Firebug.  Firebug is a special program that anyone can add to Firefox and it makes it EASY to find problems on any web page.  Since it makes life so much easier for web developers a lot of people build their web pages to work on FF and then tweak the page to work on IE too.  Some web developers just build their web pages to work on FF and they don’t care if it works on IE.

So now when I get a friend to switch to Firefox it is unusual for them to ever switch back to IE.

Great job Firebug!