102 Views For Working with Bootstrap Progress Bars. URL performance tester.

My Progress Bars Plunk is up to 102 views.  Ten of the 102 views came from linked in.  Some of the views came from this blog.  I think the majority of the views came from plunker’s home page.

This makes really happy.  It makes me happy because I still matter in programming.  I think it’s very clear that I can’t really make a living as a programmer any more. I don’t really understand the reasons, but I have ideas.  Even with the fact that I can’t earn money with programming it’s nice that I still have a voice.

I really appreciate because it allows people like me to continue contributing even after we are no longer economically relevant.

So… Yay!  I broke 100!  I suppose this one will probably stop around 160 in a few weeks.  I am getting ready to roll out my first Firebase plunk.  I opened it up to the public 13 hours ago and it has 33 views.  I am going to link to it from this blog tomorrow to see how that impacts the views and then I will post it onto Linked in on Monday morning to see what impact that has.

Finished Up My Bootstrap Progress Bar Demo

I finished up my Bootstrap Process Bar Demo.  It’s at:

I am very happy with it.  I wish I could take some more time to polish it up.  I would love to add the ability to add/remove URLs.  It would be cool to see the results in bar charts.  It would be cool to see to total time and elapsed time for sync vs. async… but alas there is so much more to learn.

I think I am done with my exploration into Bootstrap/Angular integration.  For me, now, it (using bootstrap and angular together) have moved from ‘near impossible’  realm to ‘super simple’  realm.

The next thing I want to focus on is integrating firebase and angular.  I think it’s going to be a little tricky but once I get the hang of it it will be super simple.

I was considering working on integrating Raphael JS or three.js next.  I finally decided to work on firebase because I think firebase integration is going take a lot less time to lock in than either of the canvas libraries.  Basically, I think I might be done with firebase integration in just a week or two, but I bet it will take months to get through all of the things I want to do with Raphael.

My end goal for firebase is to build a fully working chat program within plunker.  My end goal for raphael is to build a fully working tetris game in plunker.

Plunkr Hobby

I think my career as a coder is over.  I have always said that I would code long after my ability to earn money coding has ended.

Coding is a lot of fun.  I remember enjoying coding when I was a kid with my Vic 20.  I liked it because I got fast feedback.  I would just write some code and hit a button and bang I could see the results. is a lot like that.

I think making plunks is a lot of fun.  I really enjoy creating a plunk and if it’s one that I am proud of or if I think it might be useful I make it public and share it.

It’s fun to watch how many people look at a plunk.  My record so far is my bootstrap glyph viewer with 54 views.


Things are rarely as they appear.

Whenever I give someone a ride in my car the very first thing they notice is that is smells very good.  The reason it smells good is because I use a product called “Mother’s” to treat my seats every day.  It’s a leather/vinyl treatment.  I can’t really describe the smell, except it smells clean and safe.

So that’s enough.  Smelling clean and safe is nice, but people need to know why. They can’t be comfortable until they understand why.

So I have a Yankee Candle car deodorizer hanging from my rear view mirror.  It’s a pretty little thing.  It looks very nice.  It’s a very clear plastic, but it looks like glass.

A few people will say their thoughts out loud.  It goes something like:

“Wow, it smells so good in here.  I need to get one of those things that you have hanging on your rear view mirror.”  Then I say, it’s not that deodorizer, it’s the treatment I put on the seats, it’s called Mothers.  Then they lean over and smell the seats and say “wow it is the seats.”  The I say, “things are rarely as they appear.”

See people have to understand why something works before they can be comfortable.  Even if their understanding is wrong.  It’s ok if the misunderstanding results in a pleasant car ride.  It’s not ok if the misunderstanding results in false medical results (like the article) or horribly bad emissions (like vw.)

As a person trying to live, you have to be aware that most of the things that you look at when you step outside of the door are lies.  Most of the lies are harmless.  You’ll be just fine if you think the nice smell is coming from a hanging deodorizer but it’s actually coming from the seats.

I generally try to just go with it, just enjoy the harmless lies as if I was at Disney riding a ride.   But don’t forget that most of the things you think aren’t true so when it matters you have to get focused and really understand what’s going on.



Bootstrap Button Groups

As a part of my mission to understand how to integrate Bootstrap and Angular I am going dig into bootstrap button groups.  I am going to build a tiny angular app that allows the user to apply and remove button group classes.

Here’s where it’s going to be

Satiated The People For Entertainment And Productivity.

I have always said that it didn’t matter how fast we can build stuff because no matter how fast we get the demand keeps going up.

I think that’s fact is now over.  We can deliver so much stuff that people can no longer accept more.  I can no longer accept more.

Here is a real example.  If someone I really trusted and liked told me that there is a new TV show that is absolutely 100% amazing; I would gladly listen to them talk about it.  However, I would not watch it.  I don’t need or want another TV show, no matter how good it is.  Heck, I like a lot of TV shows now and I am strongly considering getting rid of DirectTV.  I just don’t need it.

It’s very hard to get people to install apps, play games, go to web pages, like a new team, like a new brand, hit the like button on a plnkr… it doesn’t matter how much value people would get out of these things.  It doesn’t matter if it’s better than what they are using now.

The time of creation is over, the time of digestion is here…


AngularJS/Bootstrap Dropdowns

Using AngularJS and Bootstrap together makes a lot of sense.  Angular is nice because of things like DI, two way binding, directives…  Bootstrap is nice because of things like responsiveness, the grid system, wells, panels, components…

There are a few places where they overlap.

Once place is on dropdowns. Typically you want to use Angular to determine what is shown and not shown on a screen.  Bootstrap, how ever, is very good for hiding and showing drop downs, tabs…

What do you use and when?

Why it’s hard to compete with corporations.

Yesterday I was thinking about business and what the deal with businesses is and I realized that corporations don’t need to make a profit.

See people actually don’t need to make a profit in the short term.  For example if you work M-F on Saturday you don’t need to make a profit.  When I was growing up I had a good friend and their family made money selling refinished furniture at the Flea Market.  So they earned on Saturday and Sunday, but they didn’t earn M-F.

The point is that you can make money now, or before now, or after now.  You don’t always have to be making a profit.

Corporations, like us, don’t always have to be making a profit either.  Corporations can make money now, before now, or after now.

So what’s the difference?  Corporations can live forever or at least until the end of the financial system.  So unlike humans corporations alway have more “after now.”

I think there are basically three kinds of corporations:

  • growing corporations
  • dieing corporations
  • corporations that are so big the system would fail without them

See the goal of a corporation is to be an integral part of the system.  It doesn’t have to make a profit, it just has to grow and grow until it is necessary.  Then once it has achieved necessary status it can’t become irrelevant.  But it doesn’t need to make a profit.

Bootstrap Glyph Viewer

I am trying to get comfortable using AngularJS and Bootstrap together.  I have finally moved passed to CSS and now I am to the components.

The first component is are the Bootstrap Glyphs.  I think Bootstrap Glyphs are awesome.

I want to build a grid that shows the glyphs.  I also want to be able to filter the glyphs.  Here’s where it’s going to be:

Communication across stations.

Communication across stations is usually a mistake.

As humans we like to cluster up into groups.  In our system we like to cluster up into groups according to station.  Busboys like to hang our with busboys, waiters with waiters, dish washers…

One reason is because groups tend to create their own language.  We may share the same words, but the meaning of the words/phrases vary.  So for busboys the phrase ‘late night’ might mean 10:00 pm but for the dishwashers ‘late night’ might mean 1:00  am.

When we talk to people in our own station the amount of energy we expend per word is lower because we don’t have to translate as much.  When we can talk with a lower energy level that is relaxing and pleasant.

When we talk to people outside of our station we have to do additional processing and the energy we expend per word is higher.  When we have to do lots of extra processing to chose words that make sense to everyone talking is stressful.

In our society some people have power over other people.  The people that have power over other people operate at different stations.  So busboys don’t determine if a busboy will get hired or fired.  An owner or a manager makes the determination.

Words spoken between busboys and owners have a very high chance of being misunderstood.  An busboy might very well says words that mean one thing to the other busboys but mean another thing to the owner.

In addition when owners make decisions about busboys and dishwashers they are usually unintentionally cruel and abusive.  Generally, more decisions they make the more cruel and more abusive they are.  Many times managers try to fix things by telling the owner that they have done a good job and everything is better.  Often the manager has to attempt to fix everything after the owner has done major damage.

Manager often make the owners feel good even though they have been very cruel.

When a busboy talks to an owner the busboy is playing with fire.  The owner may very well take action and when they do they will probably be very very cruel and very very abusive.  Then a manager will need to try to fix things after the owner ‘feels’ like they have ‘fixed’ everything.

Generally, its a mistake to talk outside of your station unless it’s to those that you would typically report to or that would report to you.  The words have very different meanings.

I once watched a movie about Elon Musk.  Elon was bumping trying to figure out why his cars weren’t being delivered.  He went to a big show room where cars that were 99 percent complete were being held.

He went from car to car asking why each car was not complete.  Most of them were missing a few items from 3rd party vendors.  He got his cell phone out and called the vendors (I assume it was owners of the vendor company) and asked for the parts.  The vendor promised to deliver the parts shortly. Elon felt good and then he told the worker that if he needed any more help to call him directly.

I remember the look in the worker’s eye.  The worker was trying to be nice and said thank you.  Elon hadn’t help though, there was no part.  He made a few calls and some other owners made promises.  Who knows what the unintended consequences those calls might have been.

Had Elon just prevent a life saving part from getting to a hospital?  Had Elon just caused a kitten to be slaughter some where?  I mean what’s going to happen because all of these owners are pushing and pulling levers all over the place going to be?

Talking outside of your station is usually bad.  When big shots do things that are cruel middle managers hide their cruelty from them.

I recently, disconnected from every person that I would not directly report to on linked in.  I noticed that people that would happily talk to me in person or over email were very hesitant to communicate with me over linked in.

I am hoping to nurture communication with my fellow programmers, my direct bosses, junior developers, and recruiters.  I think having direct links others is a detriment to that goal.