2014 Weekly Roundups

I put this page up because old posts become hard for me to find.  I figure it will be easier to wade threw 52 weekly round-ups than to wade threw 356 posts.

Week 1 Round Up

The theme of week one was the Weeds TV show.  I watched all eight season over the last month and it was a wonderful show.

Monday – The plan [visit]

Tuesday – What it is [visit]

Wednesday – Anti-Pattern [visit]

Thursday – What the word weeds means to me. [visit]

Friday – Things Weeds made me think about. [visit]

Saturday – The sum up. [visit]

Week 2 Round Up

The theme of week two was the taking a look at knockout.js. I gotta say that knockout.js is pretty rocking!

Monday – The plan [visit]

Tuesday – What it is [visit]

Wednesday – Setting knockout.js up [visit]

Thursday – Missed :(

Friday – Simple Example. [visit]

Saturday – The sum up. [visit]

Week 3 Round Up

The them of this week was Marijuana

Monday – The plan [visit]

Tuesday – What Is Marijuana [visit]

Wednesday – Legality of Marijuana [visit]

Thursday – My personal experiences with Marijuana [visit]

Friday – Marijuana From A US And A Georgia Perspective [visit]

Saturday – The sum up. [visit]

Week 4 Round Up

Theme of the week meters2feet application.  This is a good start on a meters2feet application that will help me at summer track meets.

Monday – The plan [visit]

Tuesday – Domain and system setup [visit]

Wednesday – Basic HTML, JS, and CSS [visit]

Thursday – Setting up the JS model [visit]

Friday – Setting up the events from the model [visit]

Saturday – Getting it all working. [visit]


Week 5 Round Up

Theme of the week is fighting the bureaucracy .

Monday – The plan [visit]

Tuesday – What is the bureaucracy [visit]

Wednesday – Why take on the bureaucracy [visit]

Thursday – Don’t hurt the bureaucracy [visit]

Friday – The players [visit]

Saturday – Why We All Need To Play Our Part In A Bureaucracy [visit]


Week 6 Round Up

Learning About Knockout.js

Monday – Back To Knockout.js [visit]

Tuesday – Knockout.js data-bind [visit]

Wednesday – Knockout.js ko.observable [visit]

Thursday – Knockout.js ko.applyBindings [visit]

Friday – After doing some knockout.js knowledge gathering… [visit]

Saturday – Knowledge First… Execute Second [visit]


Week 7 Round Up

This week’s topic MSG

Monday – The plan [visit]

Tuesday – Where does MSG come from? [visit]

Wednesday – What does MSG look like? [visit]

Thursday – What does MSG do to your body? [visit]

Friday – How can you tell if MSG is in something? [visit]

Saturday – Final Thoughts About MSG [visit]


Week 8 Round Up

M2F Enhancements

Monday – The plan [visit]

Tuesday – First Task, Append Numbers [visit]

Wednesday – Make the clear button work [visit]

Thursday – Enable Feet2Meters & Meters2Feet [visit]

Friday – All done, sum up [visit]

Saturday – Thoughts about my weight [visit]


Week 9 Round Up

Coin Collection

Monday – The topic [visit]

Tuesday – What I don’t want from a coin collection. [visit]

Wednesday -What I do want from a coin collection [visit]

Thursday – General Strategy [visit]

Friday – Best Place To Get Coins [visit]

Saturday – I guess it’s time to get started with my coin collection [visit]


Week 10 Round Up

Making M2F Responsive

Monday – Making My M2F Application Responsive [visit]

Tuesday – Dealing with my M2F application’s two main problems. [visit]

Wednesday -Selecting a responsive framework. [visit]

Thursday – Now that I have selected bootstrap I have more choices to make. [visit]

Friday – Setting up the bootstrap fluid layout [visit]

Saturday – Made my m2f application use bootstrap [visit]


Week 11 Round Up

Glutamic Acid

Monday – This week’s topic. [visit]

Tuesday – Glutamic Acid – Amino Acid [visit]

Wednesday – The foods with the most Glutamic Acid. [visit]

Thursday – Free vs. Bound Glutamic Acid. [visit]

Friday – Current thoughts about why I think MSG is making America fat. [visit]

Saturday – I definitely get headaches whenever I each MSG. [visit]


Week 12 Round Up

Making The M2F Better

Monday – This week’s topic. [visit]

Tuesday – M2F fixes… using bootstrap button groups. [visit]

Wednesday – Made The Bootstrap Buttons Bigger On My M2F Application [visit]

Thursday – More changes to the M2F application… no longer responsive. [visit]

Friday – A few more small changes to the M2F application. [visit]

Saturday – What’s next for the M2F program [visit]


Week 13 Round Up

The problem with cheap/free.

Monday – This week’s topic. [visit]

Tuesday – The problem with free… Soda [visit]

Wednesday – The problem with free… [visit]

Thursday – The problem with free… Golf Balls [visit]

Friday -The problem with free… Sum Up [visit]

Saturday – None [visit]


Week 14 Round Up

Making The M2F Better

Monday – This week. More M2F. [visit]

Tuesday – WAG at my M2F tasks. [visit]

Wednesday – M2F & F2M Button Color: 1/4 Hour. [visit]

Thursday – Highlight Selected M2F/F2M Button: 1/2 Hour – Actually Took 3/4 Hour. [visit]

Friday – m2f is all done. [visit]

Saturday – M2F The Next Chapter. [visit]


Week 15 Wealth, Income, & Inflation

Monday – This Week’s Topics. [visit]

Tuesday – What Does “Free Market System” Mean? [visit]

Wednesday – Wealth And Inflation. [visit]

Thursday – Income And Inflation. [visit]

Friday – Why The Government Should Favor Wealth Over Income. [visit]

Saturday – Why The Government Should Favor Income Over Wealth. [visit]


Week 16 What’s next after M2F

Monday – This Week’s Topics. [visit]

Tuesday -Thrower’s Listing Application [visit]

Wednesday – Things a throwers listing application must have [visit]

Thursday – The Thrower List Application [visit]

Friday – The next steps for my thrower’s list application [visit]

Week 17 What’s Energy

Monday – This week… what is energy? [visit]

Tuesday -Energy… ATP [visit]

Wednesday – Three Energy Systems… Where Creotine Fits In [visit]

Thursday – ATP… Food Energy Sources [visit]

Friday – Energy… running is making more sense. [visit]

Saturday – Energy The Weekly Roundup [visit]


Week 18 Starting The Throwers List Application

Monday – This week… html and css? [visit]

Tuesday -Markup [visit]

Wednesday – Made more changes to the HTML/CSS for my throwers list application. [visit]

Thursday – Added jQuery to my list program. [visit]

Friday – Added a couple of functions and click events to my list project. [visit]

Saturday – The Weekly Roundup [visit]


Week 19 Thinking about creatine

Monday – This week… creatine? [visit]

Tuesday -What is creatine [visit]

Wednesday – Benefits of creatine [visit]

Thursday – Not the benefits of creatine [visit]

Friday – Consequences [visit]

Saturday – My first creatine experience… [visit]

Week 20 Worked on my knockout.js thrower listing the model/view application.

Back To The Throwers Listing.. [visit]

Downloaded The Knockout.js Library… [visit]

KO Updates For My Throwers List Page… [visit]

Added knockout bindings and model attributes to my list application… [visit]

Quick Night… just added the table for my throw list application… [visit]

Got the add button working on my thrower’s list app… [visit]

Week 21 Synchronous & Asynchronous

Day 1 to Day 6

Week 22 Knockout.js Computed Variables & Observable  Arrays

Day 1 to Day 6

Week 23 Deferred Objects

The Plan

Status Report

New Task

First Deferred Object Task

Status Report

Next Steps


Week 24 Deferred Objects and Ember

The Plan

Make calls to an async function that updates the progress.

Meters2Feet in Ember/Angular

First steps in the Ember retrofit…

jQuery Deferred… progress

More steps with the Ember retrofit. Setting up the model.

Calculating Pi With A Deferred Object

JS Plumb Draw The Line To The Correct Answer

Latest In My Ember Adventure

More on the Ember Retrofit