Swole Patrol

Physical fitness is confusing and most of the things we think we know are completely wrong.  The human body is very complex in mostly misunderstood.

I have noticed that if you want to have bigger muscles you want to focus on one thing.  That thing is doing activities that will force lots of blood into your muscles.

After some activities your muscles are full of blood so they get larger than normal.  We called this swole patrol at my old gym.

Going on swole patrol a couple of times a day is a very good way to encourage your muscles to get bigger.

My swole patrol routine is:

  1. a sixty second plank
  2. six should taps from a push up position
  3. six five second eccentric push ups

I do them all together.  It takes about three minutes and then I am all swole up.  It’s fun.  After a month or so I have seen a big different in the size and density of my muscles.  The size is bigger and the muscles are less dense.

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