I finally after 20+ years hit my goal weight

Back in the late eighties I was in my twenties and I weighed about 145 pounds.  No matter how hard I tried I could not gain weight.

Then in the nineties I got to 175 pounds in my last years of college.  I enjoyed that weight.  I was lite enough to run, climb… whatever, but heavy enough not to get slung around playing basketball or soccer.  It was nice weight.

Then in the early 2000s I started to close in on 200.  Then sometime around 2010 I reached just under 240 pounds.

At 240 I could still play sports, but running was starting to become very hard on my back and knees.

A week ago I saw the scale read 175 pounds, which is my favorite weight… it’s a weight that I haven’t seen in over 20 years.  Since then the scale consistently reads between 175 and 179 which is awesome.

Basically I weight around 177 pounds with a slight upward bias.

Once I lock in 175 I am not sure how I am going to change my behavior.  Right now I know that I have a 100% chance of losing weight if I do the following:

  1. Run for 21 minutes at 10 AM
  2. Run for 21 minutes at 5 PM
  3. Eat my first food at 6 PM (and then I get a giggling high off of a 6 PM meal)
  4. Eat my last snack at 11PM

If I do that I will 100% lose weight.  The 6 PM meal is epically fun… I laugh and laugh.

I have been able to turn that into a routine, probably because I am not doing a programming job right now.

Here’s the deal.  I have become good at creating a sticking to a routine.  So losing weight hasn’t been a problem.  Actually, that’s probably why I gained weight, because I love routines.  But I don’t think you can make a routine for maintaining a specific weight.

So now I have to figure out how to change my life so that I don’t just keep losing weight.  At the same time it’s unrealistic to think that I won’t gain weight when I change my life and if I ever get back to how I was I will have a hard time engineering my life so that I only eat for a few hours a day and so that I run twice a day.

So I think I will need to change to a rules based system.  A system where I weigh myself in the morning and then my behavior is changed for that day based on rules.

I think rules based life might work better for maintaining, but routine based life is better for losing/gaining weight.

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