102 Views For Working with Bootstrap Progress Bars. URL performance tester.

My Progress Bars Plunk is up to 102 views.  Ten of the 102 views came from linked in.  Some of the views came from this blog.  I think the majority of the views came from plunker’s home page.

This makes really happy.  It makes me happy because I still matter in programming.  I think it’s very clear that I can’t really make a living as a programmer any more. I don’t really understand the reasons, but I have ideas.  Even with the fact that I can’t earn money with programming it’s nice that I still have a voice.

I really appreciate because it allows people like me to continue contributing even after we are no longer economically relevant.

So… Yay!  I broke 100!  I suppose this one will probably stop around 160 in a few weeks.  I am getting ready to roll out my first Firebase plunk.  I opened it up to the public 13 hours ago and it has 33 views.  I am going to link to it from this blog tomorrow to see how that impacts the views and then I will post it onto Linked in on Monday morning to see what impact that has.

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