Career Change

I have been participating in a massive social experiment.  I don’t want to say exactly what it is for financial reasons.  As part of this experiment I get to talk to 10-15 people a day.

All of the people have a few things in common.  They all have smart phones, they are all early adopters, they all like technology, and other things like that.

The one thing I have noticed is a pattern.  People generally spend 5-7 years working in technology and then they find something they enjoy doing and they work in that field.  Typically their time in technology helps them succeed in their new field.

I have worked as a computer programmer for almost 20 years.  So I am a bit of a freak of nature.  There are other people like me, but it’s unusual and probably not good.

What has become very clear is that I need a career change.  Also my profession doesn’t need people like me.  It’s bad for both sides.

Most of the people that I talk to went into IT for 5-7 years and then shifted over to something they really enjoy.  What makes things hard for me is that I really enjoy programming computers.  So I need to shift over to something that I don’t like as much.

Of course I will always program computers.  That’s just a fact, but I definitely want to focus on programming for fun.

Right now I am very early in the thought process, but I always wanted to be a Sales Engineer.  I interviewed for a Sales Engineer position when I graduated for college.  They made me an offer.

I remember they offered me $38,000 a year base salary in Boston.  It was going to be a two year training program and then my income would “shoot up.”  I accepted $36,000 a year in Fort Walton Beach to work as a systems engineer for Boeing.

I chose the Boeing position because I just didn’t want to travel (since I had small children) and the cost of living in Ft. Walton Beach Florida was much lower than in Boston.

It might be time to try and find something like that Boston job… I am going to research how to become a Sales Engineer.

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