Florida Trip Park Review: Universal Studios Islands of Adventure

Universal Studios Islands of was a lot of fun.  We really enjoyed riding the Hulk and the Harry Potter rides.  We had dinner at a restaurant in Hosworth.  The restaurant had a feast for four that we enjoyed feasting on.

In general it was very nice.  I never felt like part of a giant herd. I was very happy and comfortable while I was there.

It’s weird because the employees are definitely nicer at Disney, but they way things are set up at Universal they don’t have to be as nice. A performer at Universal made a joke and he said, “This isn’t Disney, we don’t have to be nice to you.”  I think that true.  They can’t be mean to everyone, but they don’t have to be nice to every single peson… there is still some responsibility placed on the guest to be a good person. I guess another way of putting it, is that if you are nice to the workers at Universal, they’ll be nice back, if you are mean to the workers at Universal, they might be mean back.

The point is that at Universal you can’t go around being mean to everyone, they won’t put up with that.  At Disney you can go around being mean… I suppose that might be why we ran into so many grumpy people in the Disney buses.

At one point we were in line to get into the Minions ride.  A really, really rude family (to be fair just the dad was rude) cut in front of us.  I said that they were jerks and we all gave them nasty looks.  The employee that was standing there agreed.  The dad said “This is why we like Disney.” It’s because Disney has two things going for it.  One, it’s really hard to cut in front of people because of their structure.  Two, you’re allowed to be a jerk and the employees will fix the problems that you leave in your wake.  The problem was there there was two entry points for the fast pass (one probably should have been closed off).  They walked into a different entry point and just barreled through at the merge point.  Then the Dad said something very non-memorable and very rude to us.  I said “They are a bunch of jerks” and the employee said, “They sure are.”  This wouldn’t have happened at Disney… but it’s a trade off.  I definitely didn’t feel like a cow, but some people need the structure because they don’t to behave without the structure.  We had lots of incidents where there were awkward merge points, but the guests were able to behave on their own, with out structure.  I gladly give up structure for freedom.

To sum up, I think Universal Studios Island of Adventures was more fun than Cocoa Beach, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot.  The day that we spent primarily at The Islands of Adventures was a very good day.  The only park that was better was The Universal Studios and that was just because of Diagon Alley.

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