I had my first ground cherry today.

Today I walked over to my one little ground cherry plant and I exclaimed, “Jeeze when is one of these husks going to drop?” Then I noticed that one tiny husk had fallen. The little fruit inside was about a half an in diameter and was very gold.

It was delicious. I bit the fruit in half and gave the other half to Melissa. When I took the initial bite my instincts immediately were that something was wrong. I believe this is because a ground cherry is almost exactly the same consistency of a garden grown tomato. I love garden grown tomatoes. But while some cherry tomatoes are kind of sweet, they aren’t pineapple sweet. It was kind of like thinking you have a glass of water when you have a glass of Sprite. It’s a little shocking.

Once I got over the initial shock I was blown away by how insanely sweet it was. It tasted a lot like pineapple with a hint of vanilla. Absolutely delicious.

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