My thoughts about stocks on the stock market

So the market has been dropping like a lead balloon and I’ve always thought, buy low sell high.  The common wisdom has always been that some companies are just too big to fail. Since I live in Atlanta I am kind of familiar with Delta.

My understanding is that Delta went bankrupt and then reopened with their name and all of their stuff.  Basically on day 1 they were Delta with one set of owners and on day 2 they were Delta with another set of owners.  And then to add insult to injury right before the bankruptcy other Airlines wanted to merge (which would have saved stock owners) and all kinds of people protested because they wanted to keep Delta pure.  Now guess what, they WANT TO MERGE with another airline.

So to be honest I just don’t trust the stock market system.

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  1. Olga Says:

    Thanks for writing this great blog I really enjoyed.

  2. admin Says:

    No problem Olga. I didn’t realize anyone read this blog.

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