Apple Blossoms!!!

So last year Ana surprised me with two apple trees for father’s day. If you know any gardeners it’s probably not a good idea to surprise them garden plants, much less trees. It’s kind of like surprising your next store neighbors with a new pet. Most gardeners put a lot of thought into where they place their plants and they prepare for it ahead of time. For complexity on a scale of one to ten getting some herbs that you could keep in a pot for a long time would probably be a one. If someone gave me a potted mint plant that would probably be pretty cool. On the same scale an apple tree is probably an eleven. Trees in general require a lot of thought, and apple trees require more thought than the vast majority of trees.

So I thought about it quickly and I dug two holes and placed them in the holes for a week and then I filled the holes in. I watered them heavily for the first couple of days and then I slowly gave them less and less until at the end of a month they weren’t being watered unless it was super dry. I kept the Kudzu off of them and that was about it.

This weeks they started blooming and they are beautiful.

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