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H1B Program… thoughts

Friday, January 1st, 2010

The H1B program is very complicated and it’s difficult to understand.  The first thing that has to be done in order to understand what the H1B means in the USA is to define it.

The definition of H1B depends on who you are.  If you are:

Average American – Nothing.  Most Americans don’t care about the H1B.  It’s funny because the majority of Americans have a huge problem with a foreign worker cleaning toilets for minimum wage because they are upset that the foreign worker taking jobs from Americans.  Interestingly, these same Americans typically have no interest in the H1B program.

American Executives – A system that allows companies to get highly experienced, highly technical, highly intelligent temporary (1-2 years) workers.  These workers will create new products and then teach their not so bright over paid American counterparts how to maintain the new and fixed products.

American Politicians – The different countries of the world produce a limited amout of people with technical minds.  I estimate that 1/100 people have a natural desire/interest/talent in doing technical work.  The H1B is a good way to get the technical people of the world into the USA which has the dual effect of preventing other countries from having access to those resources.

Jr. Foreign Technical Person – The opportunity to see a foriegn country and make some some money.

Sr. Foreign Technical Person – A way to prevent foreign programmers from being able to look for a better paying job.  The foreign worker can’t leave the corporation that holds the H1B certificate.

Jr. American Technical Person – The H1B programmers are nice people that love to help and are eager to learn.

Sr. American Technical Person – The H1B programmers are very nice people and are very eager to work.  They tend to do a lot of the grunt work.  Most good foriegn programmers get a green card fairly quickly.  So most (not all) H1B programmers that don’t get green cards probably work very hard and have great attitudes but aren’t very good.

I guess that’s the cast of characters…