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Thoughts about threats to democrats resulting because of healthcare.

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

About a year ago I started trying to change the lens in which I view American politics by.  I used to see people as democrats and republicans.  It was weird back then because I never could come up with reasons why politicians and citizens behaved in certain ways.

Anyways I decided to start looking at American politics as the leadership cast versus the non-leadership cast.  Now most things make sense…

The main goal of the leadership cast (Obama, Palin, Cheney, Biden…) is to gain as much control over us (the non-leadership cast) as possible.  The only way the leadership cast can get control over us is if we give it to them.  Since I started analyzing this way the way our leaders make decisions makes a lot more sense.

A lot of people have said that Palin and McCain are insighting their most committed followers to attack democrats.  All this does is force the Democrats to be more committed to the left and it gives the democratic leadership an excuse to grab power.  This seems stupid.

I think Obama and Palin have more in common than Obama and most democratic voters.  I also think they have more in common than Palin and most republican voters.  I think they both have a common interest in getting more power for the leadership cast.

So if some right wing repubs or left wing dems do something crazy then the leadership cast can convince us to give them more power over us.  If some repub shoots up a democratic senator’s home and kills a couple of their kids then the dems will demand that guns be outlawed.  If some dems bomb a republican senator’s house then the repubs will gladly allow the government to spy on us.

Just something I have been thinking about.

Palin Biden Debate – Who is the winner?

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

I had to get up at 4:00 AM this morning so I am watching the Biden/Palin on Tivo.  I find this debate fascinating because almost every repub I know thinks Palin dominated every dem I know thinks Biden dominated.  

Most of the people I know consider themselves fair minded.  I’ll go a step further and write that most of the people I know try hard to be fair minded.

So when my repub friends tell me that Palin won the debate I believe them.  When my dem friends say the Biden won the debate I believe them.  How is this possible?

Here’s my theory, repubs and dems use a different measuring stick.  I am 20 minutes into the debate and so far I don’t see anyone “winning” I think both candidates are doing an excellent job telling their side.  I think both candidates seem more charismatic and charming than their running mates.  

Back to the measuring stick… it almost seems like we are watching a football game and one team thinks the team with more field goals wins and the other team first downs wins.  After the Mccain Obama debate I heard repubs saying that Mccain won because Obama agreed with him and I heard dems saying that Obama won because he stayed calm while Mccain was getting mad.  

My suspicion is that Palin and Biden managed to push/pull those people leaning towards Obama further towards Obama and those people leaning towards Mccain further towards Mccain.  

My thoughts about Palin

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Tonight is the big VP debates and everyone is talking about Palin.  I can’t really figure her out.  She is either extremely shell shocked from being overwhelmed by information overload.  Or she may be very ambition, but not very intelligent/curious.  

I saw her on TV and she was not able to or not willing to say which magazine’s and news papers that she reads.  I think there are two possibilities, either she never reads non-fiction or she’s afraid of how the non-fiction she reads will be judged by america.  If she’s just being super cautious then that’s cool, but if she really doesn’t read anything then I think that’s a real problem.

Thoughts about Sarah Palin

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

John McCain announced that he has chosen Sarah Palin as his VP.  Here are my thoughts on his choice:

1.  I wonder if he’s serious.  When I think about it from a strategic perspective I can see the republicans believing that they need to shake things up and take a big risk.  It seems like a high risk – high reward strategy would be to pick someone that would cause a ruckus and then play the victim when the person is pushed out by the media.

2. I don’t think anyone should consider her ability to raise children as a criteria for whether she can be a good President.  I am not writing that she is a lousy mother, but even if she is what does it matter?  I wouldn’t be voting for her to be my mother, but I would be voting for her to be my VP.

3. Anyone that is a pregnant teenager should not be ashamed.  It could happen to anyone.

4. Abstinence only DOES NOT WORK.  OK let me restate that; if the goal is to prevent young girls from getting pregnant and getting married as young teenagers then ABSTINENCE ONLY DOES NOT WORK.